Compass Games




和訳 ID ゲームタイトル 販売価格 備考
1030 Fall Blau: Army Group South, June to December 1942 23800円  
  1141 Combat! 2: From D-Day to V-E Day Campaign Expansion  23630円
1135 Kharkov Battles 13110円  
  1083 Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud  14220円  
  1159 Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel  12980円  
1077 Pacific Tide: The United States versus Japan, 1941-45 – 2nd Printing 10620円  
1146  No Peace Without Honor! 14250円  
  1068 Death in the Trenches  13820円  
  1145 Brothers at War: 1862  17320円  
  1137 The Russian Campaign, Original 1974 Edition 10620円  
1095 The Third World War, Designer Signature Edition 増刷版 35840円
  1139 A Test of Faith: The Arab-Israeli War of 1973 – An OSS Game 19620円  
  1121 Enemy Action: Kharkov  22500円  
1146 Barbarians at the Gates  15840円  
1055 The African Campaign, Designer Signature Edition – Deluxe Edition 11700円
1102 NATO, Designer Signature Edition Reprint 15720円
1116 The Lamps are Going Out: World War 1, 2nd Edition Reprint 13120円  
1072 No Peace without Spain Deluxe Reprint 13500円  
1095 Brotherhood and Unity Reprint 12760円  
1140 War for America: The American Revolution, 1775-1782  13980円
1143 Imperial Tide: The Great War 1914-1918  13110円
  1114 Granada: Last Stand of the Moors, 1482-1492  17320円  
  1098 The War: The Pacific, 1941-1945  30620円  
  1015 The War: Europe 1939-1945 Reprint  28000円  
  1101 Blue Water Navy Restock  19620円
  1018 Enemy Action: Ardennes Restock 26100円  
  1133 Defending America 12420円  
1107 Cradle of Civilization  15570円  
1091 Joe Balkoski's The Korean War, DS Ed.  17820円  
  1081 Indian Ocean Region  15570円  
  1155 Prelude to Revolution: Russia’s Descent into Anarchy, 1905-1917 16020円
1096 Crusade and Revolution Deluxe, 2nd Printing 22570円  
  1132 Napoleon's Imperium, 1798-1815 27820円  
  1131 The Battle of Armageddon  11900円  
  1105 COALITION! The Napoleonic Wars, 1805-1815  11900円  
  1103 No Motherland Without: North Korea In Crisis And Cold War  10320円  
1104 Devil Boats: PT Boats In The Solomons  12680円  
1120 The Conquistadors: The Spanish Conquest Of The Americas – 1518-1548 15570円  
1115 Interceptor Ace 17820円
  1110 Dawn's Early Light: The War Of 1812 11900円  
  1082 Red Poppies Campaigns: Volume 3 – Assault Artillery – La Malmaison 12420円  
  1109 Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising 17320円  
    Traders of The Air 9100円  
  1108 Dawn of Empire 9620円  
  Russia Besieged Player's Guide 8570円  
1088 Decision At Kasserine: Rommel's Last Chance, Designer Signature Edition 15570円  
  1102 Brief Border Wars 11900円  
  1086 WWII Commander: Battle of The Bulge 11370円  
  1099 Napoleon's Eagles 9620円  
    Nation In Arms Color Printed Second Edition Playbook and Rulebook 3150円  
1066 France 1944: Designer Signature Edition 12420円  
1089 Ostkrieg: WW II Eastern Front 10320円  
  1073 Once We Moved Like the Wind 11900円  
  1106 CSS The Little Land – The Battle For Novorossiysk 22570円  
1067 A Pragmatic War 13120円
1085 Bar-Lev: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition 21420円  
1084 Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition 15300円  
  1076 Hearts And Minds - 1965 To 1975 11900円
  1069 Vietnam: Rumor of War 15570円
  1061 The American Revolution War Expansion Kit#1 The French & More! 13120円
  1062 Raiders of the Deep 17320円
  1063 Blood on the Ohio: The Northwest Indian War 1789 - 1794 10320円
  1083 The Late Unpleasantness 15570円
  Colonialism 15570円
  1064 Stalin's World War III 15570円
  1074 Tinian: The Forgotten Battle 17320円
1078 The War for the Union, Designer Edition 17570円
  1048 Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition 17320円
1070 Nightfighter Ace, Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 17820円
  1046 LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe 1941-1945 17320円
  1060 Prelude to Rebellion – Mobilization & Unrest in Lower Canada 16020円
1065 Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition 14220円
  1071 Montélimar – Anvil of Fate 24320円
1057 Empires and Alliances 17320円
1021 Bitter Woods Designer Edition Reprint 14870円
  1051 Red Poppies Campaigns: Volume 2 - Last Laurels At Limanowa 11370円
  1059 Korea: Fire and Ice 14870円
1056 Red Star/White Eagle, Designer Signature Edition 14220円
  1054 Lion of Judah: The War for Ethiopia, 1935-1941 11900円
  1052 Brezhnev’s War: NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact in Germany, 1980 11900円
  1053 Guam: Return to Glory 23620円
  1038 Revolution Road 11900円
  1039 Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution 19070円
  1049 Triumph of The Will 11900円
1047 Sovereign of The Seas 19250円
  1040 Absolute Victory 32370円
1045 1866: The Struggle For Supremacy In Germany 13820円
  1027 On To Paris! 15570円
  1034 Paths To Hell 14000円
  1036 Fornovo 1495 11900円
1033 Festung Europa 13820円
  1028 War in the Wind: Battle of Attu 1943 9970円
  1032 Fatal Alliances: The Great War 23450円
  1026 A Las Barricadas! 13120円
  1029 Balance of Powers 19800円
  1023 German Fleet Boats: Steel Wolves Expansion Game #1 5250円
  1019 Operation Skorpion 9620円
  1017 Medina de Rioseco 8220円
  1007 Yalu-The Chinese Counteroffensive in Korea 10320円

Paper Wars


和訳 ゲームタイトル 販売価格
  Paper Wars#80 Setting Sun, Rising Sun 6990円
  Paper Wars#81 Position Magnifique: Mars-la-Tour 1870 6990円
  Paper Wars#82 Will Fight No More Forever 6990円
  Paper Wars#83 Rising Sun over China 6990円
  Paper Wars#84 Finnish Civil War 6990円
  Paper Wars#85 Russia Falling ? The Coming Civil War 6990円
  Paper Wars#86 Nomads No More 6990円
  Paper Wars#87 Belmont: Grants Baptism of Fire 6990円
Paper Wars#88 Scourge of God 6990円
Paper Wars#89 Burning Mountains 6990円
Paper Wars#90 MacArthur: The Road to Bataan 6990円
Paper Wars#92 Pitt's War 6990円
  Paper Wars#93 Wagram 6990円
  Paper Wars#94 Fall of Siam 6990円
Paper Wars#95 Hannibal 6990円
  Paper Wars#96 Rally 'Round The Flag 6990円
Paper Wars#97 Battle for Galicia 6990円
  Paper Wars#98 First Blood in the Crimea, Alma 6990円
  Paper Wars#99 Assault on Tobruk 6990円
  Paper Wars#100 Bloody Retributions, Inkerman 6990円
Paper Wars#101 Case Geld 6990円